Top Attractions To Visit In Gibraltar

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Top Attractions To Visit In Gibraltar

Gibraltar is one of the most unique tourist destinations in Europe. As the southernmost point of the continent and a wide range of influences, this unique and historic area spans back millennia, whilst also bringing luxury accommodation at affordable prices in the guise of the hotels in Gibraltar. Whilst it isn’t hard to have a lot of fun in the sun in Gibraltar, it can also be hard to find those crowd pleasing attractions and activities to keep all ages happy. Below is just a small selection of the possibilities and experiences on offer in Gibraltar.

Grand Casemates Square

The main square of Gibraltar city, Casemates Square used to be a garrison for British artillery before it became a social hub. Nowadays, you can find a range of shops, bars and restaurants dotted around the metropolitan meeting spot, giving you ample opportunity to explore the city by night.

Mediterranean Steps

Take the trip up to the top of the Pillar of Hercules and explore the brilliant view. These legendary steps might take a little effort, but they are certainly worth the traverse. The Mediterranean Steps were built as part of the British Military fortifications during World War 2, when the various outposts needed a communication system, especially to reach the two large gun batteries situated near the top. Whilst climbing the 1300 feet, you’ll pass prehistoric cave systems such as Martins Cave and Goat Hair Twin Caves, the three of which show evidence of prehistoric humans having lived there.

Apes Den

Based atop the Rock of Gibraltar, this nature reserve is where the famous Barbary Macaques live. These semi wild monkeys are used to the human interaction they often get in Gibraltar, but be wary of getting too friendly, they have been known to steal food and to bite if threatened.

Commonwealth Park

The Commonwealth Park is Gibraltar’s newest addition to the tourist landscape. Here you will be able to find lots of open green space and a range of water features, perfect for a relaxing break from the nearby city centre. Based between the King’s Bastion and South Bastion, the beautiful Commonwealth park is well worth a wander.

Gibraltar Casino

Based on the village Marina, the Gibraltar Casino is a great place to relax and unwind. Whether you’re sailing or visiting the Caleta Hotel, this flashy casino is the perfect opportunity to get in some thrills and even enjoy a mouthwatering meal and drink.

Catalan Bay

Catalan Bay is the most popular beach in Gibraltar. Whether it’s a swim in the sea or the setting of your perfect GIbraltar Wedding, this craggy cove is full of fishing huts, restaurants and bars, giving you the chance to explore the quaint side of Gibraltar.

Nunos restaurant

Based in the Caleta Hotel, the Nunos Restaurant is a beautiful Italian inspired eatery, bringing a range of different cuisines from the region. Whether it’s pasta or antipasti, the high class menu and atmospheric location will have you coming back every day.

Catalan Bar and terrace

Based on the terrace of the Caleta Hotel, the Catalan Bar is a great spot to unwind after a long day of sightseeing. Whether with family or friends, the snacks and drinks menu, paired with the great views over the Rock of Gibraltar and Gibraltar Strait, will keep everyone smiling.