Tips For Families Visiting Gibraltar

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Tips For Families Visiting Gibraltar

Gibraltar is one of the most perfect family destinations in Europe. Whether you’re down for a day trip or making the most of the great Gibraltar holiday deals at the Caleta, there’s always something new to explore. As a family tourist, it can sometimes be very difficult to please everyone. With different agendas, different tastes and a lot of arguments, it can be difficult to find those crowd-pleasing activities. Luckily enough, Gibraltar is suited to families, and includes a wide range of events to keep you entertained. Below are some top tips for family visitors.

Barbary Macaques are for all ages, but don’t feed them!

Barbary Macaques

The Barbary Macaques of Gibraltar are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Gibraltar. As the only native monkeys to Europe, they are inquisitive, fun but can be ferocious when threatened. Whilst they are happy to get up close and personal, spreading joy to all, they can steal your food if you’re not careful. The Macaques of Gibraltar have also been known to bite if they feel threatened. If you make sure your younger children mind their own business, and simply observe, you’ll have no problem at all with the Macaques of Gibraltar.

There are a variety of routes up the rock

The staircase leading to the rock of Gibraltar, or the Mediterranean Steps are well known for their steepness and their need for stamina. Unfortunately, not all ages, and certainly those who are not able bodied will find it difficult to traverse. That doesn’t mean that only a certain few can reach the top of the Rock, there is a regular cable cart bringing you to midway up and the peak of the rock, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the view.

Remember that shopping is duty free

With alluring glass shops, a range of cultural novelties, and the Mediterranean equivalent to the great British High Street, you’ll no doubt want to find a few souvenirs from your trip. Remember that many of the products in Gibraltar are untaxed, meaning that there is a hefty discount on many of the products, including alcohol and tobacco. Whilst you might want to treat yourself to the delectable spirits, you can also find great valuer products such as Gibraltar glass, boutique fashion, and striking art for sale.

St Michael’s cave is for able bodied guests

St Michael’s cave

St Michael’s cave requires a lot of stair and tunnel climbing. Whilst many children may want to see the beautiful lights in the depths of Lower Str Michael’s, it might not be safe for the smallest of children to visit. Instead of the underground cave system, why not visit the Great Siege Tunnels instead, and relive the great battles from Gibraltar’s past.

There is a wide range of dining options

With so many cultural influences, Gibraltar is well known for its brilliant array of cuisines. Whether its Moroccan dining, Spanish Tapas or good old British fish and chips, you’ll be spoilt for choice. On top of this, the bar scene in Gibraltar ranges from the traditional British pub to the refined Spanish wine bar, giving you a great range of of options.

The Caleta hotel caters for all

All ages will enjoy our luxurious Gibraltar Hotel. Whether it’s our Gibraltar Spa for the adults or the perky morning breakfasts for the kids, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to start the day fresh when staying at the Caleta, ensuring fun in the sun all day long.