Best Shopping In Gibraltar

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Best Shopping In Gibraltar

Gibraltar is teeming with a life and a culture of its own. With the close proximity to Spain, Morocco and a range of beautiful landscapes to enjoy, one of the things that you may not think of Gibraltar as being a prime destination for, is shopping. With its duty free status and range of clothes and souvenir shops, Gibraltar has always had an independent retail culture of its own which has thrived and adapted to the tourism of the area. So, what is it about Gibraltar which has led to its becoming a major shopping destination, and what can Caleta Palace hotel Gibraltar visitors expect when shopping there?


Why is Gibraltar duty free?

 Gibraltar is a duty free British territory. This means that no products are taxed so when you purchase items from Gibraltar, they are cheaper than in any other countries, where taxes are imposed upon the import and export and licensing of a product. This means that alcohol, cigarettes and many other products are cheaper. This is the same as in many airports, where products are duty free. Part of the reason for this is that Gibraltar is a territory of the UK, giving it a unique status as an overseas part of another country. The overseas status also gives visitors from elsewhere in the world an incentive to come to the territory and spend money.


Gibraltar Crystal

 Gibraltar Crystal is famous not only in the territory but across the world and has established itself as a prime souvenir shop for those visiting hotels in Gibraltar. Dating back to 1995, Gibraltar Crystal was established as a boutique crystal maker and gives visitors a unique look into how crystal is sculpted and made. With loving craftsmanship which has been handed down through the decades, Gibraltar Crystals gives visitors a chance to commemorate their visit to Gibraltar in one of the most beautiful and unique ways possible, by purchasing one of a wide variety of crystals.


 Indoor public marketIndoor public market

 This one’s for the wannabe locals amongst the Gibraltar Package holidays visitors. The indoor public market sells fresh meat, veg and other products and is located behind Casemates Square. This market is home to a range of local, Spanish and Moroccan products alongside a range of other goods, giving you a taste of the local life, and without fear of getting wet from the rain!


Best high street brands

 It’s not just independent shops available in Gibraltar; there are plenty of high street brands to make the most out of including Ray Bahns, the Early Learning Centre and Mango clothing. This is due to the British influence on the area and gives you a chance to choose between the independent boutiques and the tried and tested quality of the high street.


Know what you can take

 Gibraltar is a territory owned by the British government, so taking things in and out is at the discretion of customs checks. There are limits to what you can bring in and out of Gibraltar, so if you go shopping, make sure that you have done your research.