monkey sitting on hill in Gibraltar
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Monkey business: all about Gibraltar’s Barbary macaques

Undoubtedly among Gibraltar’s most popular tourist attractions, its Barbary macaques are commonly found in North Africa, but their presence here is believed to date back to when the British garrison was established in the territory and when it’s presumed, therefore they were imported; inevitably finding the rough limestone cliffs and... Continue reading
clothes display in the fashion store
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Independent Shopping in Gibraltar

With its wide range of influences from across the world, Gibraltar has become an incredibly diverse British territory, especially with the nearby Spain and Morocco. This of course makes it the perfect gift buying location, with many independent retailers bringing a unique flavour of antiques, art work and high street... Continue reading
Festive in Gibraltar
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Getting Festive in Gibraltar

Christmas in Gibraltar needn’t be a hassle, with so much going on in the city you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking at a quiet holiday weekend away or you’re looking for something a little more family orientated, the Caleta Hotel in Gibraltar is the perfect getaway for you... Continue reading
Gibraltar Street Art
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The History of Gibraltar Street Art

Gibraltar is well known for its stellar history of artists and exciting works displayed across the city. Whether you are visiting the Caleta Hotel for its affordable and alluring luxury as well as its relaxing Gibraltar spa, or you’re here on business for a few days, the you’ll no doubt... Continue reading