Independent Shopping in Gibraltar

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Independent Shopping in Gibraltar

With its wide range of influences from across the world, Gibraltar has become an incredibly diverse British territory, especially with the nearby Spain and Morocco. This of course makes it the perfect gift buying location, with many independent retailers bringing a unique flavour of antiques, art work and high street retail to the shop fronts of the city. Not only this, but Gibraltar has many duty-free shops which you can take advantage of, making it one of the best value shopping in Gibraltar.

Why is Gibraltar Duty Free?

With its high street names, Gibraltar offers many of the same shopping opportunities as the UK, whilst also being one of the best places in the country for duty free shopping. Being part of the United Kingdom but connected to mainland Europe means that Gibraltar gets 20 percent off the UK’s usually high street prices. This is tax which is hiked up in the UK because of shipping costs.

Bear in mind that any alcohol you buy duty free in Gibraltar must be drunk in Gibraltar, due to the legal issues surrounding the export and import of alcohol from other countries.

Gibraltar Crystal

The age-old tradition of glass blowing is the name of the game at Gibraltar Crystal. With a range of unique designs, you can find a beautiful selection of gift ideas at Gibraltar Crystal. Not only this, but you’ll be able to watch the workers at Gibraltar Crystal as they use unique glass blowing techniques to shape their works of art. This age-old tradition brings an experiential dimension to an already gorgeous shop front. With great value and many colours to choose from, this shop has been running since the early 90’s and gives guests at the Caleta Hotel a unique gift idea to bring back home with them. 

ICC Centre

Gibraltar’s ICC is a shopping Centre with many high street opportunities. For a taste of the UK, the ICC Centre is the perfect place to find food, drink and fashion items. With a car park as well as its own medical Centre, the ICC is the perfect place to start your shopping extravaganza in Gibraltar. 


Stagnetto’s is the duty-free go to for wine and tobacco, making it a popular shop for those looking to wet their whistle. Even if drinking or smoking isn’t for you, the cut throat prices will ensure that booze and cigarettes will make a great gift for someone.

Carol’s Bookshop

This great bookshop located in Gibraltar’s Irish Town is the best place in the city to pick up absorbing stories and great works of literature. Whether you’re looking for the next great masterpiece or a quick holiday read during your stay at the Gibraltar spa, there’s plenty of great reads available in Gibraltar. 

Antonio Diamond Boutique

The perfect place to find a dazzling gift for your loved one, Antonio’s diamond boutique is a great example of Gibraltar’s jewellery trade. This store sells a range of rings, jewels and necklaces, whilst also allowing you to haggle a price. Whatever your tastes, you’ll find something you love at the Antonio Diamond Boutique.

Gibraltar shopping tour

The shopping tour from Malaga gives you the chance to travel along the Mediterranean coast and end in Gibraltar where you will be given the whole day to shop duty free in one of the best spots on the coast. Whatever your tastes, this tour will have something for you.