How To Plan The Perfect Gibraltar Wedding

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How To Plan The Perfect Gibraltar Wedding

Among some of the most beautiful parts of Europe, Gibraltar has a longstanding history of romance, adventure and excitement. With a unique landscape unlike anywhere else in Europe, it’s no surprise why so many people have had their dream weddings in the British territory. With the likes of John Lennon and Yoko Ono having got married there, Gibraltar has become a hotspot for travellers and revellers alike. There’s nothing quite like a Gibraltar beach wedding, its dramatic backdrop and wonderful landscapes paving the way for incredible memories and striking photographs, the southernmost frontier of Europe symbolising a new frontier in you and your partners lives. So, how do you go about planning a Gibraltar wedding, and what could make it even more magical?

Pick your time of year

Like many parts of Europe, Gibraltar has a varying climate throughout the year. Its winter season can be rainy, whilst its summers incredibly hot. This means that you must decide quite early on in which season you want to visit Gibraltar, whether off season or in the busy summer. Whatever you choose, it should suit your tastes, whether you’re a sucker for the sunshine or a cool lounge lizard. Also keep in mind that the summer season will be rather busier, meaning you’ll have to plan even further ahead.

Plan your guests travel

One thing to remember about Gibraltar is that there is a plethora of travel options into the territory. If you have a large wedding party, then it might be a good idea to book them all onto one flight into Gibraltar, or if they are visiting from outside Europe, ship them in from across the Strait! On top of this, you can drive through Spain, whether by coach or car, and head on through the Spanish border. Whichever way you travel, organisation and planning are once again key to getting your guests where they need to be on time!

Iconic Gibraltar wedding photographs

wedding photograph

Make sure to book your photographers as soon as possible. The Gibraltar Rock has one of the most stunning views atop it and ensuring that you have the chance to capture a photo from the Pillar of Hercules, or from the beautiful beaches, will make your stay even more special.

Make the most of the Caleta Hotel’s wedding packages

When it comes to weddings, the Caleta Hotel Gibraltar is one of the best options for an all in one wedding pack. With great value prices you can expect

Wedding venues

The Gibraltar hotel hosts several different wedding venues. With a rostrum of styles for your function rooms, you can pick and choose from a diverse meal menu and the promise of a party you’ll never forget. With its views over Gibraltar’s Sandy Bay and the awe-inspiring rock, you can expect beautiful sunsets and plenty of fun.

Wedding suites

When the newlywed’s room is right, nothing else could ever go wrong. The Caleta Hotel offers brilliant bridal suites, alongside great amenities to ensure that the fun doesn’t stop after the party. With the Caleta’s Gibraltar spa a short walk downstairs, you can also be pampered after your special day. Pair the spacious and luxurious suites with the striking views, great food and the promise of adventure, and you’ll never want to leave the Caleta Hotel.