Historical Sites In Gibraltar

Historical Sites In Gibraltar
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Historical Sites In Gibraltar

Gibraltar is well known for having a rich and long spanning history. That’s why it attracts so many tourists to the Caleta Hotel time after time. With so much to explore and find out about in Gibraltar, the extensive tours and sites will take you a fair share of time to explore. If you’re going to be visiting for a few days, or even a few weeks, then you’ll have plenty of time to explore the many sites of GIbraltar’s colourful past. Whether you’re visiting with children or friends or partners, there is plenty of historical sites to keep all ages enthused.

The Great Siege Tunnels

Entrance to The Great Siege Tunnels in Gibraltar, UK

Carved into the side of the Rock of Gibraltar, the Great Siege Tunnels refer to the tunnels which were mined in the 18th century to defend against spanish and pirate attackers. The strategic gun positions through the siege tunnels meant that the British could easily defend from high up, blocking off attackers and trapping them in small corridors through the craggy shoreline.

The Pillar of Hercules

The pillar of Hercules Gibraltar

The Rock of Gibraltar has a mythic past. Stories in ancient Greek mythology tell of the twelve labours of Hercules and link the Rock of gIbraltar to the tenth of these. The story has it that Hercules had to deliver the Cattle of Greyon from Erytheia and bring them back to Eurystheus. On this journey, Hercules had to walk through a passage between two “pillars”, one of which is thought to be the Rock of Gibraltar. 

The Moorish Castle

View of the moorish castle in gibraltar

The fortifications, based near the base of the Gibraltar Rock has an historic resonance with many of the Gibraltarian residence. The fortifications ha been inhabited since the Neanderthal period, and changed hands as GIbraltar did, being built upon during the 700 year rule of the Moors and built on again by the Spanish. In the 19th century it was even used as a prison by the British. The strategic position of the fortifications give the occupier a great view over all sides of Gibraltar, and you can still see general shape and layout of the original fortification in the ruins across the area. 

The Gibraltar Museum 

Gibraltar Museum

Any Gibraltar package holiday wouldn’t be complete without a  visit to the Museum of Gibraltar. Here you can find exhibits showcasing relics from the ancient past of the area, alongside a Turkish bath house which has been conserved in the very interior of the museum. For a concise and absorbing exploration of Gibraltar’s more general history, the museum of Gibraltar is the perfect place to go. 

The Trafalgar Cemetery

Trafalgar Cemetery, Gibraltar

The Trafalgar Cemetery is located south of the city walls and was originally a defensive ditch used during the Spanish rule of Gibraltar. The cemetery itself, although named after the Battle of Trafalgar, only has two casualties of the 1805 Napoleonic battle buried there, whilst the rest of the tombstones are of other British troops killed elsewhere, either in combat or from disease. This cemetery gives visitors a great understanding and sense of scale concerning the use of Gibraltar as an important military position.