Duty-free retail therapy: Gibraltar’s essential Main Street stores

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Duty-free retail therapy: Gibraltar’s essential Main Street stores

With its rich history dating all the way back to at least the 16th Century, Gibraltar’s Main Street oozes cultural resonance (apparently, references were once made to it when the territory’s famous Southport Gates – then known as ‘Africa Gate’ – were built in 1552). Nowadays, however, Main Street’s primary cultural role – and it’s a big one, at that – is fulfilling the function of the place’s major retail thoroughfare; its high street, if you will.

Indeed, it’s the place where locals come to shop – as do visitors, especially those on the eye-out for some great duty-free shopping. So, whether they’ve come to Gibraltar principally to experience the Mediterranean sunshine, the history, architecture and wildlife or for a mix of all those things as well as the excellent cuisine (by sampling dishes at many a restaurant in Gibraltar, like the Nunos Gibraltar), at some point or other visitors are bound to stroll along Main Street – and check out some of its highlights…

Tommy Hilfiger

(237 Main Street GX11)

One of the world’s most recognisable fashion brands, Tommy Hilfiger has blessed Gibraltar with its own store for several years now and, hardly a surprise, has fast established itself a leading retail success story in the territory. Over-spilling with high-quality clothing options for both men and women (of all ages), it’s where to head not just for trendy – often branded – threads, but also comfortable and well-fitting garb that’ll kit you out perfectly.

Moreover, a big appeal of this outlet is its sizeable children’s section that’s just ideal for finding the newest fashionable outfits for little ones; ensuring they look good both while they’re on holiday in the Med (staying with you in fine accommodation like the hotel Caleta Gibraltar) and back home too. Let’s face it; there’s a reason Tommy Hilfiger’s name is as famous as it is.


(211 Main Street GX11)

An independent fashion boutique, this outlet’s all about offering up the very best luxury women’s clothing possible which means then that, yes, as you’d imagine, it’s undoubtedly one of the most popular and most visited of our retail destinations – especially by fashionistas who know where it’s at.

Here, you’re able to browse through a collection that comprises everything from jeans to strappy sandals and cute jackets and chic coats to drop-dead gorgeous dresses. So, if you’re after something for the new season – perhaps an outfit to show off your beach bod or a top, trousers and shoes combo that’s right on trend for the autumn and winter, you’ll find all the latest styles and creations courtesy of the industry’s expert designers on Isolabella’s shelves and racks.


(81 Main Street GX11)

Yes, this outlet isn’t a purveyor of fresh fruit ‘n’ veg, for (as UK-based visitors should be only too aware) it’s a high-street fashion brand that’s big news back on the British mainland and, of course, across the border in Spain too, from where the brand originates. A popular retailer that specialises in up-market womenswear and accessories (and, to an extent, menswear), the offerings here focus around modern, stylish apparel – and then some. As noted, men are catered for too, with a section of Mango’s regular wares comprising a collection of clothing and accessories for fashionable gents about town.

Marble Arc

(10 Main Street GX11)

Finally, having opened almost 30 years ago now, Marble Arc (note; without the ‘aitch’ on the end) has long since become part of the furniture in Gibraltar; an indefatigable part of its retail landscape for locals and visitors alike. It vends clothes and accessories for both men and women – and, indeed, for kids too – drawn from right the way across the high-street fashion brand spectrum. To wit, you’ll find all the best and most popular labels at this much-loved Gibraltar-only fashion store, such as Diesel, Ted Baker, Base London, Billabong, O’Neill, Skechers, Vans, Quiksilver, Selected Homme, Only, Havaianas and Rip Curl.