Family matters: what to consider when visiting Gibraltar as a family

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Family matters: what to consider when visiting Gibraltar as a family

A hugely popular holiday destination for families from far and wide, Gibraltar’s a place that boasts stunning natural beauty, some superb attractions and that irresistible warm Mediterranean sunshine. No wonder there’s such a high number of visitors to the tiny territory all-year round, what with such a fine selection of places of accommodation to choose from that inevitably appeal to so many different kinds of traveller and guest. Whether you’re after a simple short-break or weekend away or for those wanting Gibraltar package holidays, they can all be perfectly catered for via the best facilities possible at very affordable rates.

Arriving from the Spanish mainland

A word to the wise, however; travelling to Gibraltar from the Spanish mainland may not be the ideal way to get into the territory, basically because of the time factor – like it or not, you’re liable to run into delays (potentially long delays) in getting through border security. Sure; this may not prove the case but it’s always a distinct possibility and, for instance, should you be coming here for, say, just a weekend, it’s may be something you might want to factor into travel plans you make. In which case, as a traffic log-jam across the border is totally unpredictable, you may well decide that flying into Gibraltar’s the most enjoyable way to arrive.

Family-friendly amenities

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No question; Gibraltar’s simply great for families. Offering cafés, restaurants, stores and many more amenities that deliver entertainment and serve food and drink until at least 10pm (this is the Med, remember!), it also ensures there’s a selection of accommodation to choose from – including the likes of the Caleta hotel Gibraltar, which would be a perfect option for a family visit.

Baby-changing facilities?

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It ought to be pointed out, though, that Gibraltar’s amenities aren’t always ideal when it comes to baby-changing facilities; so, if you’re planning on visiting the territory with a very young child, you might want to consider the best way to approach things when you’re out and about discovering the place. Too often you’ll find yourself having to change your baby in an ordinary toilet or, with a bit of planning, will have to rely on doing so at your hotel in Gibraltar (should it be nearby enough).

That said, in the centre of town, the ICC shopping centre is resplendent with both baby-changing and -feeding rooms, while on Upper Rock you can find such facilities at St Michael’s Cave, at Top Station’s café and at the Great Siege Tunnels. Importantly (depending on your needs), you’ll find there are disabled access facilities – although limited – in some places, including the Rock.

Transport options

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Transport-wise, you’ll discover the territory’s bus service not only very affordable but reliable and efficient too – and this, in part, ensures that visitors to Gibraltar are able to go the length and breadth of the entire island without having to rely on a car to get them there. Do bear in mind that the terrain can, at times, be particularly hilly, however; so, depending on your mobility and whether or not you tire easily, this may put a dampener on exploring the whole of the place – certainly in terms of doing so primarily on foot. Moreover, in the summer months, it can get very hot, so getting to Upper Rock by walking may not be the best idea, especially with kids in tow; all the more reason to do the journey by the scenic route – take the cable car instead!