Your Definitive Guide To Autumn In Gibraltar

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Your Definitive Guide To Autumn In Gibraltar

Whilst Gibraltar is well known for its bustling beaches every summer, the autumn months bring a cooler atmosphere to proceedings. With “the rain in Spain falling mainly on plane”, you’ll find that little of it hits Gibraltar either, making the Caleta Hotel Gibraltar a perfect autumn getaway. Whilst most of the tourism comes in the mid spring to summer, there’s still plenty to keep you busy during an autumn stay in beautiful territory. Whether you’re here for culture, shopping or work, Gibraltar’s small landmass holds some big adventures.


Autumn dried flower arranging workshop

On October the 18th, you can try your hand at dried flower arranging. This great seasonal workshop will give you all the skills and the eye you’ll need for a beautiful bouquet. What’s more, you’ll even get to take home the flower arrangement you make, no doubt it proving a beautiful addition to your home décor, or that of your accommodation in Gibraltar.


Re-enactment Association march

During the Great Siege of Gibraltar in the 18th century, a weekly ceremony saw the keys of Gibraltar, a symbolic set of keys to the fortress, taken by General Elliot and an armed escort inside the building and locked away. This symbolised how Gibraltar was under the control of the British, and to this day a march takes place in the town square to commemorate this event. The re-enactment takes place every Saturday afternoon, adding vibrancy to the already buzzing square.


Eurafrica trail

This volunteer 50 K run takes participants from Europe and into Africa. This year the much-celebrated run uses Gibraltar as its first port of call, using the rock of Gibraltar as the setting for a vertical race. Whether participating or not, this will prove quite the event when it begins on the 30th of October.


Miss Glamour Gibraltar

Miss Glamour Gibraltar is open for all 16 to 21-year olds in the territory, giving a great chance to dress up and perform. This fun event takes place in John Mackintosh Hall and entry forms are now available for all those visiting or living in Gibraltar at the time of the event. The competition is only part of the celebrations, many more events occurring around the competition will definitely make this an autumn day to remember!


Autumn Zarzuela

Equipped with a 24-piece orchestra, the Autumn Zarzuela performance sees member of the Gibraltar community perform the famous Spanish style of musical comedy. With a great cast and beautiful costumes, this annual event is brought to the public by the Teatro Lirico Andaluz and is performed at the John Mackintosh Hall Theatre on the 3rd and 4th of October.


Gibraltar Literary festival

From the 16th to the 19th of November, the Gibraltar Literary Festival takes place in venues across the territory. This exciting weekend brings a wide range of well renowned and much revered poets, novelists and scriptwriters to the Gibraltarian shores. With workshops, Q and A’s and book signings, this is a better time than ever for the backpacking book worm to visit the British territory.


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