rock of Gibraltar
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Although you could spend weeks exploring the nooks and crannies of Gibraltar and its surrounding area, not all of us have that luxury. If you’re in business in Gibraltar or just passing through with the family, then you may only have a short amount of time in which to get to know the area. It’s a pity, because the territory is home to such great value and enticing hotels as the Caleta Hotel Gibraltar, that you might be tempted to stay longer, or at least keep it in mind for your next visit. So if you’re only here for a day, what should your picks be for the area?

Gibraltar Rock


The rock of Gibraltar, or the pillar of Hercules as it is historically known, is one of the highest points in Gibraltar. With a whole range of historical events having surrounded the rock, it is one of the most interesting places to visit in the territory. With the Great Siege Tunnels underneath, a range of exciting performance sin the depths of St Michael’s Cave below and a whole heap of stairs, there’s plenty for all audiences on Gibraltar Rock. and if you have no time for anything else, then at least have a gander at the stunning vista, made easier with the use of a cable cart taking you from the bottom to both the midpoint and the top of the mountain.

The worship spots of Gibraltar

One of the most beautiful things about Gibraltar is how much of a melding of cultures there is there. With North African Muslims and European christians intermingling at this crossover point, it is no wonder that there are so many places of worship here. With an amazing Mosque at the Southern point of the territory as well as a range of Spanish and English inspired churches, you’ll find plenty which will tell of a long and rich history to the area.

Barbary Macaque family in Gibraltar Nature Reserve

The Apes Den

Gibraltar is also home to the famous Barbary Macaque, the only monkey present in Europe, and with this comes a whole heap of nature loving tourists looking to catch a sight of the monkey. The Barbary Macaque can be found in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve and more specifically in their custom built apes Den. it is here where you can find out information about the Gibraltar locals whilst also getting some great photos. However, you should always make sure that you leave the monkeys, be trying not to feed or touch them due to experts believing these wild animals to have a better chance of survival without interaction from humans.

Crossing into Gibraltar

There are a few things to keep in mind when making the crossing into Gibraltar. With so many routes into the territory, you’ll find it easiest to go from Gibraltar airport. One of the great things about Gibraltar airport is that one entrance will lead you into Gibraltar whilst the other one will take you into Spain. This means that you have a great range of places to visit from the airport in Gibraltar. Travelling by car or foot is a different matter. With long queues through Spanish customs, you should arrive with plenty of time to make any deadline if you’ve booked places to stay in Gibraltar. You can walk in and out of Gibraltar or use the number 5 bus but cannot use the Gibraltar or Spanish taxi services as they can’t leave their territory.